Watch DTM cars slide around the track in slow motion


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If you own a midsize German car from the early 1990s, chances are it has a DTM twin with zero ground clearance, flared wheel arches and breathtaking livery.  

Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft is no longer with us, even though it lives on as a very similarly named Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. But from 1984 through 1996, this touring car racing series provided racing fans in Europe with some of the best thrills on television.

DTM arguably hit its peak in the early 1990s, with constant rule changes and internal discord from the privateer teams providing additional entertainment off the track. The financial side of the series began to come apart at the seams by the middle of the decade, but not before some of the most popular European cars got a chance to slide around tracks all over Europe. And the shells of production cars wearing some of the most distinctive livery was the icing on the cake.


Group B slow motion video

Watch Group B rally cars dance in slow motion

The days of Group B rallies are long behind us, and it often feels that the only evidence that such racing even existed is grainy video and film footage of rally cars tearing …

Where else could BMW E30 3-Series race cars trade paint with Mercedes-Benz W124 E-Class sedans? The racing was cutthroat, with boxy European sedans cutting corners like there was no tomorrow and shaving grass sod with their front spoilers, which also provided plenty of sparks.

Enjoy this compilation video with an appropriately ’90s electronica musical score.

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