The Modified Civic Build Part IV:

Up to this point, our Project Civic Sport has seen some minor engine upgrades that include an intake, exhaust, and intercooler, along with Hondata’s C.A.R.B.-legal FlashPro plug-in. The results, as seen in previous installments of this series, have been impressive, to say the least. With the improved driveability and newfound torque from Honda’s turbocharged 1.5L, we headed over to Eibach Springs for its new coilover kit, which the company had already gone deep into development with. Improved handling and a lower stance were welcome additions to the Civic Sport, but they also reaffirmed the notion that we really needed to find a new set of wheels and tires, not only to separate us from the masses, but to put a little more rubber on the pavement as well.

Civic hatchbacks of the past have proven to be some of the most highly modified chassis in existence. Street, show, drag, Time Attack, and even lowrider-infused versions are virtually everywhere. With the latest generation just emerging, and our staff not having enough time to try different wheel sizes, we took a few measurements, tossed around some theories, and took a semi-educated guess as to what would fit properly to give us a bigger footprint and, of course, look good doing it. In addition, the goal was to fit wheels and tires under the arches without issues of rubbing and because this isn’t our car to keep, we didn’t want to modify the factory fenders at all. What we ended up with was an 18×9.5 +38 wheel and 245/40-18 tires.

2017 Honda Civic

Base Model (MSRP)

31/40 MPG
Fuel Economy

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