Racer who lost his jaw in horrendous Belle Isle crash is eager to race again


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Matt Mingay, the Stadium SUPER Trucks driver who was seriously injured in a crash at the Belle Isle race in Detroit in June, is recovering well considering he died on the spot and had to be revived, along with receiving a host of other injuries.

This Speedcafe interview from September shows Mingay saying he hoped to be back in the driver’s seat in time for the Gold Coast 600 late last month.

In the interview, Mingay recounted his arduous journey back to health — from having to be revived and being placed in a coma to breaking his back and destroying his jaw. Mingay said he doesn’t remember much from his time in Detroit, not having any real memory until two weeks after he returned home to Australia, essentially losing three weeks of memories after the accident.

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“Here I am still going, and still going strong,” he said.

Sadly, his hopes of returning to the Gold Coast 600 were dashed, according to Gold Coast Bulletin, which reported Mingay missed the 600 by a week after failing to receive medical clearance to race. Leading up to the Gold Coast event, Mingay was back riding and driving in preparation.

The interview is a powerful reminder about the risks of racing and how quickly things can go sour. We’re glad Mingay is recovering quickly, and we hope to see him back in the driver’s seat soon.

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