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Welcome to Autocar’s special promoted coverage of the SEAT stand at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

We’ve partnered with SEAT to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at the Barcelona firm’s stand from the two press days at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Check back here throughout today and tomorrow for updates, photos and videos showcasing all the cars and technology that SEAT is displaying.

Take a look below for all the photos and videos. You can also find the videos on Autocar’s YouTube channel.

07.57: Welcome back to Autocar’s special promoted coverage of the SEAT stand at the Paris Motor Show. We’re here all day with more news, updates, pictures and videos showcasing everything the Barcelona firm is doing in Paris.

How Thursday September 29 unfolded

19.19: It’s getting dark here in Paris, so time to end the blog for the day. We’ll be back with more coverage tomorrow, including an interview with SEAT president Luca de Meo and a video taking a closer look at the new Ateca X-PERIENCE concept. We’ll also check out some of the finer details of the Ateca XCELLENCE, and investigate the BitBrain neural technology car configurator.

Remember, you can have your say on social media – just use #SEATparis. We’ll see you here again in the morning. 

19.10: You can also scroll through the gallery at the top of the page to take a closer look at the SEAT stands in Paris. We’ll be uploading more images there throughout tomorrow.

19.02: We’re nearing the end of our coverage of the SEAT stand from the opening press day of the Paris Motor Show. Hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage, in particular the videos from our reporter David McClelland. You can find his stand tour, thoughts on SEAT’s interactive experience and Ateca walkaround videos in the thread below – or you can check them on Autocar’s YouTube page here.

17.53: Here’s David McLelland’s video walkaround of the SEAT Ateca XCELLENCE, covering some of the key design and technology features of the car.

17.37: The SEAT Ateca went on sale in the UK at the start of September. If you haven’t had the chance to go and take a look at one yet, reporter David McClelland has done a walkaround of the XCELLENCE trim model being displayed on the stand. We’ll have that video for you here shortly.

17.05: If you want to learn more about the Ateca X-PERIENCE, we’ll have a video walkaround as part of our coverage tomorrow. You can also see what the Autocar editorial team made of the Ateca X-PERIENCE by reading their news story.

16.49: Powering the Ateca X-PERIENCE is a 2.0-litre TDI 190hp engine, with a seven-speed automatic gearbox with paddle-shifts, and a 4-drive traction control system. It also comes with plenty of driver-assist systems and infotainment options including SEAT’s Full Link smartphone connection. There’s an eight-inch touchscreen with Media System plus, and a wireless charger for compatible smartphones.

16.32: The Ateca X-PERIENCE doesn’t just look the part of an off-roader either: it’s got all the kit needed to tackle rough surfaces. It has higher ground clearance than the regular Ateca, elevated suspension and 18-inch alloy rims. 

16.08: The new SEAT Ateca X-PERIENCE concept takes pride of place at the firm’s stand inside Hall 4, so let’s take a closer look.

The concept has been designed to show the true potential and most adventurous characteristics of SEAT’s new Ateca SUV. That’s reflected in the choice of olive green matt paint, with orange tones to give it a technical look.

Other exterior touches on the Ateca X-PERIENCE include chromed roof rails, a rear spoiler mounted above the boot, and a front diffuser to protect the lower grill.

15.35: SEAT’s goal is to become a leading brand in terms of connectivity and digitisation, and to use technology to enhance the customer purchase experience.

Luca de Meo, SEAT’s president, said: “The connected car at the core of the user experience is our vision of the future of mobility. We want to position the car as a service that offers a digital, connected experience. We dream of making SEAT the brand capable of delivering the easiest mobility experience in this fast changing environment.”

15.19: Technology is a big theme of SEAT’s presence at the Paris Motor Show, reflecting a trend in the wider car industry towards electrification, digitisation and connected cars. SEAT has set up an Easy Mobility Team, which has been tasked with transforming how the company works in the areas of digitisation and R&D, customer experience and business development.

14.45: The fact there have been more than 21,000 orders for the Ateca shows it’s been a hit with the public – and it’s also received a good reaction from the Autocar editorial team. Here’s their review of the car from earlier this year.

14.18: If you’ve somehow missed the launch of the Ateca – which, let’s face it, will have been pretty hard – you can read more about the car’s launch in this Autocar promoted story and video from Geneva earlier this year.

14.02: SEAT has described the Ateca SUV, which went on sale earlier this month, as its third ‘brand pillar’, alongside the Ibiza and Leon. It’s certainly been a hit so far: since it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, SEAT reports more than 21,000 orders have been placed for the Ateca, with 1.5-million people trying out the car configurator on the firm’s website.

13.14: Here’s our next video from David McClelland, getting his view on the SEAT 4D experience press conference, and some of the other innovative technology SEAT is using at the Paris Motor Show.

12.58: Our reporter David McClelland has just taken part in the 4D experience press conference. Check back shortly to see what he made of it.

12.35: Another unusual item being as part of the SEAT stand’s celebration of Barcelona’s design heritage is a Marquina vinegar bottle. Apparently, this was the world’s first non-drip vinegar bottle – so practical as well as stylish.

12.23: From the world of fashion is a Desigual bag, and for more practical design there’s a Copenhagen Ashtray, a Barcelona floor tile, a Gira table lamp and a Toledo chair.

One of the more unusual items on display is also one of the most practical: an M-5 stapler, which is now 80 years old. 

12.07: Some of the other objects on display celebrate Barcelona’s hosting of the 1992 Olympic Games. There’s also a statue of Cobi, who was the official mascot of the event. There’s another Olympic object, too: one of the official torches used in the relay.

11.42: Right next to the main entrance of the exterior stand is a display unit containing a model of the first generation SEAT Ibiza, one of the marque’s defining cars. The Ibiza was actually launched at the Paris Motor Show back in 1984, and sparked SEAT’s major expansion. More than five million have been sold since. As noted earlier, the fifth generation Ibiza is due to launch in 2017.

11.32: The SEAT Ateca, in XCELLENCE trim, takes pride of place in the outdoor stand, where objects celebrating both the heritage of both the firm and the city of Barcelona are on display. It’s a demonstration of how SEAT was created in Barcelona, and the pride the firm has of its roots in the city. Coming up, we’ll take a quick look at some of the items on display.

11:12: It’s impossible not to notice SEAT’s presence at the Paris Motor Show. The two-storey exterior stand is right next to the main entrance to the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, and it would be hard to tell at first glance that it’s a temporary structure. There’s even an Ateca perched on the roof near the main entrance…

10.40: So what is going on at the SEAT stand for the Paris Motor Show? Here’s David McClelland to give you a quick video tour. We’ll have more videos from David later.

10.09: Our reporter David McClelland has been checking out the SEAT stand. You can watch his video tour here shortly.

09.50: Speaking about SEAT’s 2017 plans Luca de Meo, the firm’s president, said: “the Leon, the Ibiza and the new Arona, together with the Ateca, are going to strengthen SEAT from a commercial, financial and brand image standpoint. 2017 is going to be a very special year for SEAT.”

We’re due to interview Luca de Meo as part of our live coverage here, so check back in to find out more from him about SEAT’s plans for 2017 and beyond.

09.34: Like all of SEAT’s range, the Arona is named after a place in Spain. In this case, Arona is a city on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Originally a fishing town, Arona is the now a popular tourist spot, and the third biggest city on Tenerife. There’s also a town called Arona in the Piedmont region of Italy. The Arona will be made at SEAT’s Martorell factory in Barcelona.

09.10: SEAT has revealed details of what it calls the ‘biggest product offensive in its history’. Over the course of 2017, the firm will update the Leon and launch the fifth generation Ibiza. SEAT is also launching its first crossover, the SEAT Arona. 

09.05: Most manufacturers at the Paris Motor Show hold a single press conference, in which they launch their shiny new car or concept. SEAT has taken a different approach this year, with their stand featuring a 4D experience press conference that runs every 30 minutes. We’re due to get the full experience later, but we can bring you details of the news coming out from the event.

08.32: As part of the updates here, automotive and technology journalist David McClelland is on hand to highlight everything happening on the SEAT stand in a series of videos. You’ll be able to see them all right here throughout today and tomorrow.

We’re keen to hear your thoughts on everything that SEAT is presenting in Paris as well: you can share your comments on social media using the hashtag #SEATparis.

08.12: Naturally, the new SEAT Ateca, the brand’s first SUV, will have a starring role in Paris. There are several examples of the Ateca on display, including the new Ateca X-PERIENCE showcar. Inspired by Mediterranean culture, the Ateca X-PERIENCE highlights the SUVs rugged off-road aspects. We’ll be taking a closer look later.

07.55: The other space SEAT has at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles in an outdoor showcase, located close to the main show entrance. This is an informal area designed for socialising, complete with a chill-out zone. It also has a useful area for the media, which is where we’ll be producing much of our coverage from (bonus: it has a plentiful supply of coffee…).

07.30: SEAT actually has two spaces at the Paris Motor Show this year, both designed to highlight new technology and celebrate the firm’s Barcelona heritage. Inside Hall Four, the SEAT stand will feature an interactive 4D amphitheatre, where a continuous press conference will be held every 30 minutes. We’ll have all the information from the conference here later. 

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