7 Best RX-7s at Seven Stock 19

Coming from Oxnard, Calif., Ben brought out his FD rocking a classic Pan Speed body kit and modern ZE40 wheels. The factory turbos were replaced with a GReddy t78 unit for more power. He plans to work on his interior next.

Matt is a very low-key guy. He almost never attends car shows, but builds some of the coolest cars you’ll see. Aside from his Datsun build, he owns this ’93 FD with a highly modified 20B with a big street port. Along with the Comp Turbo T76, Matt says the car is capable of over 1,000hp.

It doesn’t get any better than an RX-7 rocking an RE Amemiya wide body. But if that’s not eye catching enough, the four-stage Candy Apple Red paint will likely lure you in. Like most RX-7 owners will tell you to do, John uses a non-sequential turbo in his street ported 13B. On all four corners are Stance coilovers and Volk SF Challenge wheels. John tells us that he’ll be doing a bit more aero modifications and interior work in the future.

You don’t see many people building an FB/SA, but it was hard to miss David’s RX-7 with its IMSA Daytona style livery. The car started off as a base model but it now has a 13B peripheral port with a Weber 48IDA, RB road race header and RB muffler. David swapped the axles out for set from an RX-7 GSL-SE model with a limited-slip differential. The transmission is a hybrid RX-7 that utilizes a Miata gear set – very cool.

Probably one of the cleanest RX-7s you’ll ever see; on the outside is an authentic KS Auto Body kit and a suede wrap on the inside. Auto Fashion in San Diego made the final audio touches with Alpine amps, head unit and custom enclosure. The brain of Nick’s street ported 13B is a classic Apex’i Power FC. His wheels are one-off 19-inch Stich Evo II Mesh wheels wrapped Falken rubber, of course (Nick works for the tire company).

You may or may not recognize it but we featured Aaron’s car back in June. Since then, the car has gone through a few changes, and Aaron says it’s not just a color change but a brand new engine setup and new wheels as well. We can’t wait to see this thing slide.

Seven stock robert green mazda rx7 feed four rotor

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This is probably one of the craziest RX-7s to come out of sin city. Robert Green started off with a rare FEED body kit and, according to him, it’s only the 12th kit ever sold in history, and the first to be installed in the U.S. If that doesn’t excite you, the 400hp 26B probably will. Ask him nicely and he’ll probably fire it up for you.

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